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a week ago
(Translated by Google) After the coaching I was full of new energy and was very motivated to tackle my personal goals. Today I can say that many things have developed positively for me. I can fully recommend Silva and her services! (Original) Ich war nach dem Coaching voller neuer Energie und war sehr motiviert, meine persönlichen Ziele anzugehen. Heute kann ich sagen, dass sich bei mir viele Dinge positiv entwickelt haben. Ich kann Silva und ihre Leistungen uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen!
- Dita T
a week ago
(Translated by Google) Silva has experienced what she is now doing to help others and it shows! She is super understanding and empathetic. Treat yourself to the woman, girls! (Original) Silva hat erlebt, womit sie nun anderen hilft und das merkt man auch! Sie ist super verständnisvoll und einfühlsam. Gönnt euch die Frau, Mädls!
- Anja M
4 months ago
(Translated by Google) Even a coach needs a coach! Even dentists treat each other. And sometimes you need the view from above to see whether you are still standing in the middle of the forest or already at the edge of the clearing. I chose Silva Schwabe for this. Her open-minded, interested and personable nature, free of judgments or prejudices, makes it easy to trust and open up, to put weaknesses, fears and strengths on the table. She helped me a lot to sort, organize and prioritize everything I brought with me in terms of thoughts and feelings. And that without "cheering" on me solutions. Nevertheless, the well-founded knowledge and expertise is visible in each of their questions. After every appointment, I had the good feeling of having regained an overview and sovereignty. And the certainty that I already have everything I need to solve my problem. Thanks! Gladly again! Matthew Basler. (Original) Auch ein Coach braucht mal einen Coach! Selbst Zahnärzte behandeln sich gegenseit...
- Matthias B



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